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Six Virtues of a Warrior

There are six specific virtues that the student adheres to. These virtues teach the student how to deal with clan, family and personal situations.


Giri is best described as the student's “Obligation” to the clan. There are no limits to the student's service. Although extreme by American standards, Giri is maintained to ensure prosperity. If Giri is present in the clan, the clan will prosper. This is because the clan's objective is the individual student's objective as well. With such unity nothing is impossible.


Shiki dictates that the student be firm in reaching their objectives, willing to suffer any hardship or indignity to succeed. When a student sets out on a mission, they must not fail.


The concept of Fudo means that the student must maintain a strong body and mind. This is of extreme importance, for any weakness, physical or mental, can be exploited by an enemy.


Anyone who wields great power must use it wisely. It is at this point that the student must remember that having the ability to kill does not necessarily justify using it. To remain a true warrior, one must understand the importance of mercy.


To prosper on the path, one must come to understand the importance of giving. Using ones skills to aid others is truly honorable. To be unselfish in word and deed not only brings honor to the student, but also to the clan he serves.


Ninyo dictates that when a conflict arises the student should not hesitate to act. It is at this point that the student must decide what warrants the use of their skills when interfering in the affairs of others.


Artwork by
Sensei Christine O'Hara